Telford and Leamngton

Two of the relegated NLN clubs from last season Telford and Leamington look like being in the play offs, good chance one will bounce straight back up of course Bradford PA are a different story. 
It's possible if (as likely) we go down we can go back up, budget and recruitment of course is KEY I'm sure if we play well and actualy win even in the SLP can we can get decent gates to set a realistic and dare I say competitive budget to achieve it?

By contrast Kettering have struggled most of the season though have pulled clear now. The teams relegated from the NLS have had mixed fortunes. Dulwich are ok, Concord are down, Cheshunt just about hanging on but looks like Hungerford might just make the playoffs.

The question is should the inevitable happen will we go SLP North or South.

(01-04-2024, 08:01 AM)Gladfans Wrote:  The question is should the inevitable happen will we go SLP North or South.

Our friends at the Votte suggest current permutations will see us go South.

As Severnside points out, a wide range of outcomes for teams who were relegated last season.

Would be good to see what made some teams a success, and others a failure. I looked at squads, and most seem to have entirely new players compared to this time last year (Jordan Piggott a rare exception at Telford).

In my mind I'd keep any of the current squad who want to stay, but maybe that isn't how it usually works?

The SLP south could include teams taken from mid table and dependent on promotions etc Bracknell Hendon Dorchester whilst SLP north might include Coalville Kettering Alvechurch. Both much less travelling .

With regards to retention of players some will be on 2 yr contracts and we suffered this season from having to start from scratch. Keeping the likes of Hanks & Pinchard is vital who along with others a team can be built around. Mbayo has also impressed me. Ultimately it’s down to budget.

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