Willy Waving

Think I missed 3 home league games but did the rest, the home cup games, and the CC Final. No aways, tend to hope for radio on those.

Missed a fair few home games this season due to health reasons, but managed to make it to Hereford, Banbury, Tamworth away which is three more away games than I was expecting to make. The women's games were definitely more enjoyable to watch than the men's, that's for sure!

(14-05-2024, 10:38 AM)HeathBrewer Wrote:  Zero in person, every game, home and away, in spirit! As soon as they put in that warp speed bridge to Gloucester, I'm there every game, mate.

You're there in spirtit. Spare a thought for those of us who were there in body Wink

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