Blyth Spartans (H) 14/03 - POSTPONED!!!

(13-03-2020, 08:25 PM)T-End is in sight Wrote:  Thanks for the update Alex, definitely disappointing because everyone wanted to see another city win, and another Saturday without income for the club, but absolutely the right thing to do. Best wishes to all involved.

You are 100% correct, the lost income is massive to us as as club. But somethings are more important then football and money.... players, staff and fans well-being is 100% one of them! The players have been overwhelmed with the support from the fans and James has asked me to thank you all personally for your support. We're lucky to have such great fans!

We'll know more Monday. Stay safe.


Alex agree that wellbeing comes in front of football, hopefully everyone is ok and a quick recovery

I'd managed to move a few things around in the hope's of getting to this game  looks like I'm gonna have to keep fingers crossed for a other free Saturday before the season ends. Totally the right decision though

Hope the affected players are OK and recover, health of everyone at the moment is top priority.

However, isn't the guidance to isolate for 7 days minimum? I'm not sure if it's sensible to just do a few days if you then start feeling better, because you can be contagious even when you're symptomless.

There's probably someone on here better informed than me (dr Bob?) who can clarify

Hi Lee,

You're 100% correct, that is the government guideline, I can't really comment on this on such a public forum, but today I tried to postpone the KL game scheduled for Monday under the 7 day guidance, but that wasn't approved. Hence the update Monday once we've taken more advice/ guidance and spoken to the league. We have one maybe two being tested tomorrow. So we'll know more when the results are back.

Tough old day.


Thanks for the clarification Alex

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