I just had a chat with these two gents at Meadow Park.


Well done Neil. Bit disappointed that you didn’t sweep round with the camera to see how far the underlay had reached.
And on another point as I mentioned to Dave and John, I hope Alex did the interview on his tea break.
These teasing snippets are getting to us now. October is a life time away.

Good stuff Neil, good line of questioning

Johnny Murphy’s Barmy Army

Thanks for the replies. There is another video to follow of a ground tour. They've made significant progress with the shock pad.

[Image: shockpad.jpg]

Great interview Neil.
Good to have you back in that role.
Never scared to ask a challenging question and good honest answers too.

Thanks. I won't be doing it full time, don't want to step on anyone's toes. Just had my camera and microphone with me so took the opportunity to do this one today. I might do one now and again but won't be asking questions like "Why did you make those substitutions"!

Thanks Neil. Good interview.
Good to see James again too!

Fully agreed with Alex about Gloucestershire or Gloucester born players if they are good enough then they could play for the club.listening to both Alex and James fills me with conferdence that at lest there is a plan?  If the plan works then great at least it not just a wing and a prior,like we have had in the past,and I'm not having a go at manager's from the past,or players for that matter ?It just seems to me a more solid set up.

Nice interview.

Good to hear that season ticket holders will get first refusal on tickets if we end up getting home draw in FA Cup as first game back. Early bird prices still open till end of the week if you don’t want to take a chance and not get a ticket for that opening game.

A few photos from around the ground including some dodgy panoramas and some dodgier selfies Wink

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