Play offs

So Weymouth have back to back promotions and Altrincham will join them in the NL.
That's Kings Lynn and Weymouth who have back to back from the SLP I believe....
Weymouth have a manager who has taken them places since he was put in charge some three years ago from Assistant Manager I think. I believe he is also connected to Bournemouth youth but guess Weymouth will be full time now.
Shows what you can do in such a short time with the right people in charge!

Fair play to Alty, indifferent till Christmas but after that 11 wins from 16 to creep into the play-offs. Somehow managed to keep that form over their 3 play-off games.

was it back to back for Alty too?

(01-08-2020, 07:18 PM)Neil Wrote:  was it back to back for Alty too?
Not quite!   Took them 2 seasons after winning the  NPL in 17/18 and finishing 5th (but losing in the playoffs) in their first season back in the NLN.

Don't think so Neil I believe the last 5 seasons have been
Relegation from NL
Relegation from NLN
Champions Northern Premier
Play off losers
Play off winners
Pretty good rise back up as I Remember watching us hammer them at Whaddon Road when they went down....

Yep, they were a team of OAPs by then. Damian Reeves had a zimmer frame.

In some ways both clubs gifted promotion given 3 dreadful penalties from Dartford in the shootout and the Boston keeper made an horrendous error for the Alty goal. I would imagine both winners will stay part-time especially in the current climate and both will have a big task to stay up I would imagine.

2 years ago the Southern Premier top 5 was Hereford, Kings Lynn, Slough, Kettering and Weymouth and they were miles clear of the rest. The 3 that didn't go up all went up last season and now 2 of them are at Step 1 and Slough made the play-offs.

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