Blog 06/09

That was a long one. Lots of red tape now. I don't like red tape.

A much better blog than last week. Alex is spot on regarding Dorking's threat of legal action and he isn't the only representative of a club at this level that I know off who think voting for the league to have play-offs has caused this. Interesting as well to get conformation that it is unlikely away fans will be allowed at our level and above. I'd have said that 1030 limit will be based on what the FA and DCMS allow at our level as if they repeat what Steps 3 and below can do then the capacity will be lower than that although I have seen it suggested that it might be based on a % of capacity instead.

Surely they can’t ban away fans common sense says we get an allocated amount and have to pre-purchase them...I’ll go regardless.

Alex has said that the NMP is in his opinion should be 4000? Can any one tell me the old grounds capacity?

Great update,Reading the blog has put me off for life about owning a football club and that was before Covid!
The goal/s look great and well done to the person who chose the color of the boxes as it looks a lot better that the original blue!
Shame about away fans as they always give a better atmosphere at any game but health comes first,fingers crossed things change as hopefully things improve with the virus.

(06-09-2020, 01:21 PM)Ray Tango Wrote:  Surely that can’t theoretically ban away fans surely we get an allocated amount and have pre-purchase them...I’ll go regardless.

Who knows how it will work, but there obviously will be clubs in our league who would be able to sell more than allowed capacity to home fans so I can't see why they would want away fans to go so I guess it's just easier to ban all away fans. I would also imagine that the Government don't want lots of fans travelling all around the country.

Obviously only having a guess, but I'd imagine you would have to make it pretty clear you aren't a Gloucester fan otherwise it might have serious consequences on the club.

Ray better start getting some practice in on his accents then,and no one can say “ mind” after every sentence, a real give away.

It's easy to blend in with the locals in this league, just take a whippet and a thermos of gravy to the game.

(06-09-2020, 02:33 PM)Prorsum Semper Wrote:  Ray better start getting some practice in on his accents then,and no one can say “ mind” after every sentence, a real give away.
Was a dab hand at the geordie accent on our trips up there last season especially at 2am in the kebab house in Whitley Bay and Gilbert loves us in Southport!!!

The Zoom meeting between the clubs and the league Alex mentions is discussing how clubs can move towards holding fan pilot games and how clubs will calculate their ground capacities for socially distanced spectators.

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