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(18-10-2020, 05:30 PM)Hank Scorpio Wrote:  Let’s be honest the highlights from the NL site aren’t that great and do miss a lot. Will the club be producing highlights packages of its own this season? YouTube is a great platform for exposure and will probably get more visibility than highlights on the National League website.

Happy to volunteer to put together extended highlights of the games if it’s not possible for others.

I get that the club have to provide footage to the National League but isn't there someone who can come down and film with my camcorder and get a little closer to the action? If this is going to be a momentous season for the club then they deserve to have a better quality video record than we have had for the past few seasons.

And I'm not knocking the efforts of those that do what they currently do, it's just that when we used to do it with video / audio at Whaddon it was so much better.

Here are the goals from a different angle

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Redditch at home 5-0, very early season. They looked like relegation then, and they duly obliged.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Agree with Scorpio and Neil about the highlights. It's a bit sad that the scintillating performance behind our biggest league win in a decade has been diminished to 3 minutes of no sound footage hidden inside the NL website. Will probably be deleted in a few months.

It would be better for the fans, players, and prestige of the club if we had a good quality 10 minute YouTube video with the commentary, replays, and worm eye cam all spliced in. Easier said than done I appreciate...

I would appreciate the highlights on YouTube as I can never access them on the NL website!

(14-10-2020, 09:38 PM)OldDirtyGlasses Wrote:  Would be interesting to see the minutes of the meeting between government & the national league board, has been zero announcement from DCMS on any funding, nothing mentioned by treasury, nor the PMs office. Oliver Dowden couldn’t really give two hoots about football.
Can’t believe it has taken 3 months for anyone to actually ask this question of the hierarchy!!!

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