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(06-03-2020, 10:11 PM)charlie Wrote:  I’ve only been watching the club since the first season at C********m so I have limited options. Although I did enjoy the “home” match at Slimbridge in pre-season.

As a fan I would say WR for all the reasons above, however, Evesham’s PA system is much better to play music through as C********m is CD only.

You will love MP when the crowd are in full swing,even when there was only 400/500 there was still a good atmosphere,I never went to a City game in which the T-END didn’t stop singing from start to finish and NEVER gave grief to the home players if something didn’t come off on the pitch it was just encouragement/singing the whole game!

That place over on the dark side

Looking at the others this will be a curveball but I liked FGR the most. We weren’t there long enough to get sick of driving up there and it was so early in the exile the fatigue hadn’t kicked in. Decent stadium as well considering the clubs we were travelling to each week.

Best for football was the times at Ciren for obvious reasons. Worst has been Evesham in every category possible. When we leave there it’ll have to take a playoff final or something vs. Evesham for me to ever go there again.

We've generally been crap at Evesham. I think I've only seen us score four goals in a game once.

(08-03-2020, 04:30 PM)Neil Wrote:  We've generally been crap at Evesham. I think I've only seen us score four goals in a game once.

Hungerford? That day was the coldest I’ve ever know watching City

Yep. Were there any others?

Whaddon was our best exiled home. Then FGR, then Ciren, and Evesham bringing up the rear...

I only ever saw City play at Squalor Road and a few away games. Unfortunately, it has to be that lot's ground
Most of it is a decent little ground, except for the crumbling stand that looks like it hasn't had a lick of paint or had any new seats installed since the last time England won the World Cup. I'm not kidding either, I swear some of the seats were made of wood...

I've not made the journey to Evesham, I've had some personal things going on in my life and watching football hasn't taken precedent. And it's a pain in the ass for me to get to and from Gloucester to Evesham, which has been a factor.

It'll be a great moment for me to watch our club play in our own city again for the first time in my life (that's 27 years of me never having seen Gloucester play in Gloucester!)

I first watched City at Longlevens as young lad, for 3 to 5 yrs. Due to playing for Spa Rangers in the North Glos. Leage Then from from 17 Yrs on-wards (1964), working shifts at Horton Rd & Coney Hill Hospitals (where I set up and managed the Hospitals football team, with Amber and Black striped shirts), watching Citywas an occasional treat. I remember the atmosphere at Longlevens as being good. A compact stadiumand good noisy crowds and plenty of local derbies. I think we were in The Southern League then.

By the time we moved to Horton Rd Stadium, I lived in Horton Rd Hospitals Gate-Keepers Lodge, so despite the shift-work, I got to go a bit more often. My memory of the place is of a large oval, with one ugly vast stand, no atmosphere and completly exposed to the elements. Horrible place to watch football with dwindling attendancies.

By the age of 24 yrs, I had moved to Wolverhamipton to work as a Mental Welfare Officer, so for a number of years after that mmy only means of keeping up with City, was back-dated copies of the Citizen that my Mum saved for when I visited home.

The advent of the internet and its subsequent development has enabled me to follow city from afar, through the triumphs and disasters ever snce. I havealso continued to be a regular guest visitor to this messageboard and its predecessors sine its inception. You guys that have supported and kept the club going as a nomadic club for so many years are remarkable and should be the subject of a best selling book by now. It's on my bucket list to see City in the new stadium. but I have very poor mobility and am not in the best of health, so I just hope this bloody C of a virus doesn't slow things down too much. So keep up the good work guys.

Indeed a book, even a screenplay.

I've booked Sir Ian McKellen to play your part, Old Stick

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

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