Going pop.

I think I've shopped there twice in the last twenty years.

Town is going to be worse.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

There isn't really anything much to do in the city centre anymore. Big shops are going and it is starting to feel a bit depressing.

I did have an idea to bring the City Centre back to life, which was to give each of the four gates a different theme:

Nortgate street - don't hate me for this but from the cross, as this leads to the rugby ground, this street could have a sports theme celebrating(?) the sporting history and future of Gloucester
Eastgate street - get rid of the roads and make it a pedestrian zone all the way up to the leisure centre. That street could be be full of different restaurants, pubs etc.
Southgate street - as this leads to the Quays, have a nautical theme
Westgate Street - as the cathedral is down this way, it could be a street to celebrate the history of Gloucester. Have tourist shops and interesting signs about different time in Gloucester's history

There you go. I've solved the problems of Gloucester City Centre. I don't even work in marketing.

It's going to be a big pound shop spread across five floors in Kings Square.

Debenham's prices were awful though.

Half of town may as well be turned into flats. Internet shopping is the way forward I'm afraid.

I always thought the Debenhams in Gloucester was better than the one in C********m. Occasionally I bought things from there. They had quite good Christmas Gift ideas on the bottom floor, and board games, by the entrance from Northgate Street. Occasionally went in the Restaurant on the top floor with the view of Kings Square. 
   It is quite a big building, would not have a clue on what it could be turned into.

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I’d love to see it turned into a performing arts venue. Gloucester is severely lacking a decent sized venue for music, theatre, comedy etc and this would be perfect. But yeah given our unimaginative council it will end up as flats.

Council cannot control the conversion of large blocks (offices, retail) to housing/flats. No longer requires planning permission in vast majority of cases.

Rather than see this as another large empty space trying to be filled with uses that won't work, this might actually work well as city centre living as it is a decent building in a good location and even has some parking to the rear. As long as its not used as a doss house for those frequenting King's Square

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I always found Debenhams really confusing to purchase things, all the sections mixed up.
The city center has been dying for years,Prime retail space with coffe and mobile phone shops and the environment is not the most inviting, The quays on the other hand is like your in a different City,one of the best things to happen in a Gloucester for a long time.

(02-12-2020, 11:21 AM)Prorsum Semper Wrote:  I always found Debenhams really confusing to purchase things, all the sections mixed up.


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Went into Debenhams the week before it Closed. Went round the Ground Floor, products on rails, no display features. Went towards the King's Square end, (Women's Fragrance's) some products left to buy on the counters. A far cry from when you used to walk through and you would see the various Dior, Gucci products.
 Always thought that Store was better than the one at C********m. Was in Gloucester last Thursday, now shut. 
 Be interesting to see the Development of the old BHS Store and Kings Square.

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