Who will play at the stadium?

Other than the senior men's team of course. 

I assume we'll have the women's team and certain youth teams playing at the new Meadow Park, but will it be publicly available at certain times as well? If so, when can we start reserving slots?

A few of us on here including Dom Joly (not that one) play every Friday night at Brockworth 7a side I’m sure we’re be moving it to MP...

As soon as we know what slots etc the internal teams want, we'll open it up to fans first, with Mr Ray Tango booking his slot for example, then we'll advertise the rest of the slots to the public.

We're planning on training part on grass next season and part on the 3G, so the players can prepare for home and away fixtures! We'd love to put a grass training pitch/ area at MP too on the lower area...


I wonder if we could get a Gloucester City Vets team playing in the local veterans league? Doesn't have to be just ex-players obviously. 

There's a few of us, Lee included, who play on a Sunday evening, and I'm sure we'd like to move to Meadow Park as soon as we can.

I actually changed my Sunday league side to have a better chance of playing at the old MP!

Prorsum semper (aka Spanish Tiger)

Our ongoing 7/8 a side games plan to move there, 8 years going strong now! However we need another keeper. We play currently on Friday nights at 7pm at Brockworth School on Mill Lane astro for an hour for the bargain price of just £2.50. Any budding keepers fancy it? Place going immediately tomorrow if so!

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