Football Reform

They lost me at "new regulatory body for football" - as if Parliament getting involved and creating this will make football any better...

Not with bungling BoJo at the helm.

Well I think its would be good if football in this country had a overall change.
Premier League are a rule to them selves and are leaving clubs under them crushed by the greed of grabbing the majority of money for them self's. Great for the country like the report says but only helps the premiere league make more money for them self's and not football in general.
I fully agree with the report that the FA are not fit for the running of football in this country ?and that the premier league do give money's to be handed down to grassroots football,but if some of the recommendations from this report were but in to place ,lower clubs would not have to rely on begging for help.
I E fair share of t.v money's ,proper regulations of club's owner's and finances of clubs,wage cap's ect? Football desperately need's a thorough overall in this country and the FA have proved many many time's in my life time that they are not up to be the body to run football in this country?

(27-01-2021, 10:09 AM)Kengreen Wrote:  Not with bungling BoJo at the helm.
That applies to any politician!

(27-01-2021, 11:58 AM)drbob Wrote:  That applies to any politician!
It would have to go through government to get rid of the FA because they won't disband of their own accord,? Out of touch, out of ideas, and now out of time?

It's a good, principled idea. Unfortunately the money and power are at the top of the game as the manifesto implies. The bureaucracies there have a vested interest in maintaining their bureaucracies; ie, not going to happen no matter what colour government is in charge.

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