HRH Prince Philip

In my lifetime we've only ever had one Queen with Prince Philip reigning by her side. Sad to see the break up of their union.

Ironically I watched he episode of the Crown last night which may have seen them split.

On another note, I know it's trite to see all and sundry tweeting their condolences but it's a classy thing to do, several of our fellow clubs have but it seems we can't because of a woke stance taken not to tweet for a week.

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Very sad to hear. One of those you knew where you were moments when you heard the news. Prince Philip was like a rock for the Queen. He took his role in the Royal Family seriously, did the role in his own unique style.
Just a side note. I appreciate this is obviously Big News. Just thought that it was a bit much both BBC 1 and BBC 2 showing the Tribute program presented by Sophie Rayworth. Then both showing the next Prince Philip program. Surely just BBC 1 could have shown this, considering it was also on ITV 1 and Channel 4, plus Sky News and BBC News 24 Hours.

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Must be awful for the Queen and the rest of the family. Imagine being married to someone for 74 years and then waking up one day without them, it's so sad for them, and those who met him seem to be genuinely fond of him, so thoughts go to his friends and family. And shame on people trying to turn it political. At the end of the day someone's dad/grandad/husband has died, some sympathy for the family and not trying to turn this into some weird left v right culture war wouldn't go amiss.

Agree AB. The BBC already have a news channel, they don't need to pull all programming on all BBC TV and local/national Radio just to show the same thing. I can understand maybe a couple of days on BBC One but yesterday was way too much. Death is sadly an inevitable part of life, we don't stop everything for other deaths, I don't really understand what the difference is here. At least C4 (in my opinion) did the right thing. A news special for half an hour, then a longer one in the evening but cut back to Come Dine With Me after lunch.

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