International football at MP

Many moons ago MP hosted a girls international football tournament. I think it may have been U16 but cannot be sure.  It included England and Scotland and I think a couple of other nations too but my old brain does not recall who. I've often wondered if any of the players we saw that day went onto make a name for themselves in the women's game; I'm posting on the off chance one of the historians here might know.  I remember being impressed on how professional the set ups were and while it was the FA who did most of the off field work, being chuffed at being given an England pin badge as a thank you for helping on the day,  the nearest someone of my astonishingly limited sporting ability was ever going to get to a cap!!  I found the badge the other day while looking for something else and it got me wondering.....thank you.

Just the fifteen years ago.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Number 10 is Ellen White isn’t it? Certainly looks like her. She’d have been 17

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Neil that is amazing, thank you. The England #10 is Ellen White who scored both goals for Team GB in the opening Olympic match yesterday.. How cool is that! I'll get my daughter to take a look at the photos later, she knows far more about women's football than me. Thanks Neil

(22-07-2021, 07:56 PM)Tigermatty 2.0 Wrote:  Number 10 is Ellen White isn’t it? Certainly looks like her. She’d have been 17
Exactly my thoughts.

We think the England player in photo 50 may be Kate Longhurst of West Ham and the Scotland #7 might be a very young Kim Little who is also in Team GB and one of the very best

Yes, #9 is Kate, it must be true as the match gets a mention on her Wiki page and leads to this link

I YHINK? that I was at this match. Can remember sitting in the seated stand, the Teams lining up on the pitch, and people behind holding the flags. Must have been this match. I noticed that Steve Turk was at the game. 
 England players that spring to mind are, Alex Scott, Rachel Yankey, Steph Houghton and Lucy Bronze.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

Now and again around that time England women's internationals would be on TV,Rachel Yankey was always the best player by a country mile if that had been today she would be a professional making a good wage,When I watch some games nowadays I think Lucy Bronze(right back)is one of the best players in the women's game.

What an excellent thread - didn’t we host an England (mens) C international at MP about 25 yrs ago. I seem to recollect Dale Watkins being involved.

March 1987 - England C vs Wales C - 2-2 - Meadow Park, Gloucester.
This is the only one I can find, Dale Watkins was a regular for England C in the late 90’s though, playing 5 matches & scoring 3 goals.

Women’s game; Fran Kirby for me- Fran is an outstanding playmaker, close in style to Messi. But for injuries, England would have won something with Fran firing- I think she is in the Olympic squad.

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