Political boundaries

I'm not into politics; you can't please everyone all the time so it's pointless but I see that Richard Graham has sent letters out to residents in Longlevens about Elmbridge moving into Tewkesbury Borough.


If you look at Gloucester on a map the whole built up area should be under a Gloucester MP or MP's. That's anyone with a GL1, GL2, GL3 or GL4 postcode.

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It's rubbish, but sadly inevitable. The Gov asked the boundary commission to do their usual review like they should. But the rules say constituencies have to have between 69,000 and 74,000 voters, and the city of Gloucester is at something like 90,000.

First Past the Post is a rubbish system, imo they'd be better replacing it with bigger constituencies with multiple MP's.

Anyway if anyone wants to read my undergrad dissertation on voting reform in the UK...  Big Grin

It's similar to the football governance reforms people talk about. You are relying on the people who the system benefits to act for the greater good and reform said system. We have a two party system whose chances of power are greatly enhanced by first past the post, so relying on them to change it is flawed in itself. Being cynical I can't ever see their being enough political pressure applied by the general populous for that to change sadly.

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