Women - First ever league match!

The Women's team have their first ever league match on Sunday, when they take on Longwell Green at New Meadow Park.

Tickets are £3 for adults, free for kids and GCAFC season ticket holders.

Would be great to see as many as possible supporting Gloucester City in this historic game, especially as some of our Women's team were at the Kettering game, scanning in tickets and doing their bit to support the Men's team.

If you've got young kids who aren't into football yet, this could be a good introduction to football and Gloucester City. I've taken my 4yo daughter to a couple games and she loved it.


14:00 Kick Off

First ever?

Yes, first ever league match - all the matches so far have been friendlies.

We'll be there. Watched all bar one of the friendly matches and really enjoyed them. Looking forwards to watching the league campaign. It's not just the players but also the management team who have been helping out on first team games - very much one club.

Yep very much one club. The women’s captain and two others were on ticketing duty with 3 from the u21’s … plus Chris Hill is now very much involved with the Academy and St Peters education programme.


It'll be good to see competitive games against their peers rather than beating a team out of sight or being beaten.

Tiger Roar is always your friend http://www.tigerroar.co.uk/fixtures20232024.php

Comprehensive City press cutting archive http://www.tigerroar.co.uk/cuttings.php

I agree, we’ll now see what and where we are …


The women’s team give us so much support at the club, if as many people as possible can support tomorrow that would be magic.

The women’s team are as of now helping on media too, Charlie sadly can’t help anymore and we’ve no money to make it a paid media role, so six from the women’s team have volunteer to help.

They are also volunteering on match days doing turnstiles and stewarding … and even helping now with badged SIA staff … they are very much invested into the whole club … as are the 21’s, so we need to support them as much as we can match days.


I’ll be there. I’m even considering going to some of the local away matches, perhaps we can get a mob together for Abbeymead away (sorry Ken)

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