Thank you...

With the season now over, I wanted to drop you all a quick message to say "thank you".

Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped this season and during our whole period away from both Meadow Park and Gloucester.

Without the love, support and friendship of these people the club wouldn't have got though this period. With our return home edging closer and closer by the day, never forget that without you all this wouldn't have ever been possible.

The Clark family are an example of this, Tim and Christine are hanging up the clip board now the season is over, but they will always remain a keystone in the clubs future, though their love and support as we head back to Gloucester. 

The 2019/20 season has been very strange, the positives are (based on the season before), our gate receipts were up 22% (10% being home fans, 12% being away fans. Thank you Tim for the stat), our season ticket sales were up and our kit and clothing range sales were up. This shows just how fantastic you the fans are. The season we needed you the most due to all the current issues in the world, you backed the club on every front.

Thank you all, from the players, the management and the board.

Stay Safe. We will sign off in the correct manner when we can i promise .... As this doesn't feel right at all.


I think it’s also important from a fans point of view to thank the management board and all their efforts / financial support to keep the club at this level of football and pressing on with the build of MP

Well said Eric Van Der Floof


And another DITTO from me

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