MP's part in a record breakers career

Records were tumbling during last nights England game but the most significant and impressive of all was Ellen White becoming England's leading all time goal scorer with a total of 48.....and counting.  In the previous match she also achieved the landmark of 100 Caps.  Whatever way you look at it, these are two magnificent achievements from a top player.  The BBC have written a nice piece about her today.

Many of you will know this already, particularly if you read one of the earlier threads on here - but Meadow Park played a small part in Ellen's record breaking career.  She played at Meadow Park in 2006 representing England in an Under 17's match v Scotland.  If you look back to page 2 of this part of the Forum at he thread International Football at MP there is a link to Neil's photos of the day #45 and 56 (and a few more) feature Ellen.  Whoever would have thought back then we were hosting a future international record breaker.

There's an interesting little story here and some photos which the Media team might be able to use perhaps (with the relevant permissions of course)?

Definitely will do something about this

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

That's a wonderful observation, Stable Lad, and one which I would celebrate, she has such an instinct in front of goal. I marvel at how she knows where the ball is going to go, she gets it right too many times, Linekeresque.

As a father of a girl who loves playing football I hope that there is a financial career in the game if she is good enough. Talents like  E White have reminded the money markets of the potential money return that 50% of the population gives you.

If pure economic facts won't persuade them, then I'm sure the conviction of my argument will.

Think on

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Sorry, this is totally irrelevant to the thread. Meadow Park played a part in an Episode of BBC's 'Casualty'.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

More records linked to the England game we hosted at MP all those years ago.  Today Kate Longhurst (West Ham) equalled the all time Women's Super League appearance record which was previously held by Gilly Flaherty who also played that day at Meadow Park

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